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Kidney Tests

Definition: gradual deterioration in kidney functions

The most important causes of chronic kidney disease:


Chronic hypertension disease

Immune diseases (lupus erythematosus)

Infections or chronic infections in the urinary system


Drugs, mainly analgesics

Most of my patients suffer from:

 Osteomalacia, and chronic anemia due to a lack of calcium levels due to the inability of the kidney to activate vitamin D, which plays the largest role in the metabolism of calcium in the body, and the deficiency of the hormone EPO, which plays a role in the manufacture of red blood cells

My kidney disease also suffers from gastric reflux and gastric ulcer, due to nervous system dysfunction

The most important follow-up tests for kidney patients:



Uric Acid

Na - K

Urine  analysis


Cystatin c


  • albumin /creat ratio