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Tests Of Auto immune disease

Definition: antibodies attack tissues or cells within the same body while attacking a strange body, because of the similarity of composition

with these cells or tissues, or because they treat the body tissues as strange

 Risk of Immune Diseases:

Immune diseases usually attack all the tissues and organs of the body leading to gradual deterioration in the functions of the kidney, heart, liver and nervous system

Patients with immune diseases suffer from:

Anemia (a result of red blood cell fracture)

) Bleeding) due to platelet breakdown & deterioration of liver function (

Deterioration of kidney functions

Heart: The inflammation caused by the immune diseases of the heart muscle to the fibrosis of the heart and membranes, which leads to the deterioration and failure of the heart muscle pumping blood to all organs and tissues of the body, which in turn lead to damage and deterioration of different body organs

The nervous system: from clots and brain hemorrhages, and end to hallucinations, which may reach the final stages of schizophrenia in the personality

Examples of the most common immunological diseases 



AI thyroiditis " Hashimoto/ Grave's  

Type I DM  &  IDDM  ) 

IBD >>  Ulcerative colitis/ crohn’s disease

Sjogren's syndrome

    Pernicious anemia "B12 deficiency“

   Rheumatic fever 


   1ry biliary cirrhosis   MS

     Myasthenia gravis   


TO diagnose :

  • ANA >> screening test

  • Anti ds DNA

  • Anti Ro/La (SSA/SSB)

  • APA >> Pernicious anemia "B12 deficiency“  

  • AMA>> 1ry biliary cirrhosis

  • ASMA>> 1ry biliary cirrhosis

  • LKM>> 1ry biliary cirrhosis

  • SLA >> 1ry biliary cirrhosis

  • ANCA C >>  Wegener’s granulomatosis

  • ASCA >>IBD   crohn’s disease

  • ANCA P >> IBD  Ulcerative colitis

  • Anti TPO/ Anti microsomal Ab >> AI thyroiditis " Hashimoto”

  • Anti thyroglobulin >>AI thyroiditis “ Hashimoto

  • TSI >> AI thyroiditis " Grave's«

  • RF - Anti CCP>> (RA)

  • AchR Abs >> Myasthenia gravis

  • Anti-insulin Ab >>  Type I DM "IDDM“

  • Thyroid Function tests

  • HbA1c –

  • KFT :  Cr – Urea (BUN) -– Micro albuminuria –

  • LFT: AST – ALT –

To follow up :

  •  CRP

  •   ESR

  •   Ferritin

  • CBC – Coomb’s test