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Tests of Anemia

  •  Definition: Hemoglobinemia is lower than normal for age and sex

The most common types of anemia:

Iron deficiency anemia

Anemia caused by red blood cell breakage

Anemia due to bone marrow dysfunction

Some tumors cause anemia in different stages

Severity of anemia:

Hemoglobin A protein whose function is to transport blood gases "oxygen from lungs to tissues, carbon dioxide from tissue to lungs"

The cells need oxygen to manufacture the energy needed to do their job >> So oxygen depletion leads to a lack of energy  leads to dysfunction in tissues and organs

Anemia sufferer suffers from persistent headaches, tiredness and exhaustion after performing his or her usual functions, loss of focus during study or recall, intense heartbeat "as compensation for oxygen deficiency by pumping more red blood cells" << which may cause deterioration and Myocardial failure

Note: Anemia is a serious disease that should not be underestimated. Luckily, our body has many mechanisms that can compensate for hemoglobin deficiency. It may reach no symptoms until the hemoglobin is less than 1/2 the normal rate for age and sex.

Tumor marker:   دلالات الأورام    

  • CA 125

  • CA5.3

  • CA 19.9

  • CEA

  • AFP

  • PSA (total & free)

  • B2M

  • C&S testing:    مزرعة للبحث عن عدوي

  • Sputum C&S    

  • Urine C&S

  • Wound C&S

  • Blood culture             




The tumor results from a congenital / acquired gene that leads to a group of cells that are not fully developed and therefore do not perform properly. However, they multiply in a quick and random way and feed on the nutrients of the proper cells that are supposed to function without these The cells are incomplete, resulting in a gradual deterioration of the function of the tissue or organ of the tumor


riskiness of tumors:

The greater the size of the tumor mass than the incorrect cells, the more they destroy the right cells by feeding them on their food,

In addition to the right cells, abnormal tumor cells can move through blood vessels or lymphocytes to the rest of the tissues and organs of the body to feed on their nutrition . The larger the cells, the more they destroy the right cells by pressing them

Thus cancer cells spread to damage all organs and organs of the body and may lead to death