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Coagulation Tests

Definition: Increased blood clotting than normal

Some of the most common causes of clotting are:

- Deficiency of anticoagulation agents

- Diabetes - high blood fat

- Oncology - Oncology treatments

- Pregnancy - contraceptive pills

- Obesity

- Large surgeries (bones, heart valves)

- Immunologic Diseases (APS)

Severity of clotting:

Blood clotting within the blood vessels reduces or inhibits blood flow to tissues and cells, leading to gradual deterioration of body function

And may lead to the death of the tissue that may be the fetus in the case of pregnancy

The most important diagnostic tests:

  • - Protein S

  • - Protein C

  • - Anti thrombin III

  • - Factor V leiden

  • -Factor II mutation

  • -Homocycteine

  • -D-Dimer

  • - Anti cardiolipin Abs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Anti phospholipid Abs