Why royal lab


We absolutely believe we have an excellent chance to make a difference in the Quality of Lab Testing

Why would you want to choose royal laboratories as your service provider?
  • Technology

    We have got very advanced technology & we apply the latest version of ISO 15189 (2012) to assure the best quality of lab testing .

  • Automation

    We have got a fully automated lab testing system "APTIO Automation System ® with hardly any human element interference .

  • qualified and competent medical staff

    We have got a highly qualified & competent medical staff to ensure our service is provided with high quality & safety measures that meet customers' needs & expectations

  • Quality

    we provide the best quality of lab testing service: Accurate – precise – timely – low cost – coherent unbroken manner "24 hour, 7 day a week"

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We pay a great deal of attention to our customers' needs & expectations through frequent questionnaires which we analyze perfectly to make plans for improvement