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Royal Lab began her career in the field of medical tests since 1998 at the hands of its founders:

  • Prof. Dr. / Hatem Sibai, professor of medical Biochemistry Menoufia Faculty of Medicine, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Lab.
  • Dr / Ashraf Magdi Nassif, the Chief Operating Officer of Royal Lab.

The beginning was in:

53 Al Atebaa Tower , Maqrizi

The beginning was at this time centered in the specialty of Molecular Biology (PCR) because it was a primary specialty of Dr / Hatem Sibai And Royal lab owned the latest most advanced devices in the world at this time to conduct this analysis and they are

Cobas Amplicor ( Roche )

b-DNA ( Bayer )

In 1999

the first branch was established. It was in Elnozha (20 Magdy street). On the other hand, new technology and new specialists were added to the laboratories in almost all aspects as haematology, biochemistry, endocrinology and immunology.

In 2001

the second branch was established in 19 A Elkhaleefa Elmamoun street, Roxy.

In the years between 2001 and 2004,

internal development of the lab was our main concern through developing technology as well as man power in order to be ready for the (spurt) that happened in 2005.

In 2005

The lab has added Nasr City branch as well as adding 2 new technologies in molecular biology which are Real Time PCR and TMA. Establishment of a big network in the area of Lab to Lab business can be considered our best achievements during this year.

In 2006-2007

The lab to lab network was developed to serve more than 1300 laboratories allover Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan.

In 2008

3 more branches were added to satisfy more customers. These branches were in Shobra Elkhaima, Shobra Masr and Downtown in Shereif Street.

In 2009

new branches

In 2009, continued the policy of expansion in establishing new branches to cover the main areas of Cairo with the opening of 4 new branches this year, namely:

  • Duqi : 97 Tahrir street.
  • Faisal : 433 Faisal Street.
  • Maady : Al-Gazaer sq.
  • al-mohandsen : 48 Shehab Street.

Bringing the number of Royal Lab branches at the end of 2009, eleven branche


in 2009, lab began to pursue a new policy in the field of marketing where we began to create a new powerful administration specialized in this field.the trend began to work propaganda directed to doctors, companies and individuals aiming to make them know Royal Lab and its branches, which have become prevalent and covers most of the major areas in the governorates of Cairo, through newspaper advertisements and television and street signs, as well as spreading among unions, banks and large companies.

Customer Service

Also in 2009 was the introduction of the Hot line service (16064) and establishment of an administration for customer service to receive inquiries regarding:

  • Testes prices.
  • Tests precautions
  • Home visits (House call).
  • addresses of the branches of and work schedules.
  • customer complaints.

New equipments

Also in 2009 was the introduction of the latest molecular biology techniques which is Corbett Real Time PCR device

in 2009 Royal Lab also honored by obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Health as one of the accredited laboratories to conduct investigation of H1N1 known as swine flu.


With the beginning of 2010 ,according to the policy Royal Lab, was the opening of the fifth compound branch in Akhenaton Silver Street - Star Mall to be the first branch of one of the mega laboratories in the fifth compound.

Bringing the number of branches of Royal Lab 12 branches In addition, the renewal and re-opening Nozha branch, the oldest branch of Royal Lab.


More branches were opened

  • 6th of October City.
  • Al-hai VII.
  • Al-hai VI.
  • ferdos city.

To complete the total number of branches of Royal Lab to 16 branches

With Honor Royal Lab obtained:

  • Certification of ISO 9001:2000 Which was a renewal for a third year in a row 2010
  • Quality System Certification EQAS The company's Global Bio RAD U.S. since 2008 and renewed annually
  • Certificate of Quality ISO 15189