Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Prof.Dr. Hatem Elsebai

CEO Royal Lab

Prof.Dr. Ashraf Nassif

COO Royal Lab

Prof.Dr. Yusri Al-Zohairy

Unit director

Dr. Mariana Ghabrial

Branches director

Eng. Mohamed Abdel-Badea

IT Director

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim


Mr.Sayed Hussein

Call Center Manger

MR .Mohamed Moustafa


MR.Hossam Fathy

Business Development Departemant Managerr

Mr.Hany Abd-elbarie

Administration Manger

Mr.Alaa Elbendary

Financial Manager

Mr.Mohamed Shehata

Accounting Manager

Mr.Hasan Tantawy

Stores Manager

Mr.Shaaban Ibrahim

Purchasing Manager

Mr Ragab Saber

Lab To Lab Manager

Mr.Ashraf Mohamed Elsayedr

Legal Affairs Manager

Dr.Ahmed Raafat

Quality Manager

Dr.Ahmed Fahmy

Pathology Unit Manager