Tests Precautions - Royal Lab

To ensure the integrity of your samples and to ensure getting accurate test results.
Please abide by the following precautions and instructions for sample collection.

Do not take antibiotics for 48 hours
Washing hands & genitalia with soap & water
Urine analysis 3 consecutive days: The first sample in the morning for 3 consecutive days
Use disinfectant (Dettol), then wash again with water to remove the excess disinfectant
It must arrive at the laboratory within two hours at most, in case the sample is sent from home​
Empty the first drops of urine into the toilet and put the rest in the sterile container provided by the laboratory

Fasting is required from 10-12 hours (drinking water is allowed)

Fasting is required from 6-8 hours (drinking water is allowed).

The two hours are counted from the start of eating.
Please arrive to the laboratory 15 minutes before the time for the analysis.
It is required to finish eating within 10 minutes at most. If the patient is taking diabetes medication, the treatment is taken.

The first sputum sample in the morning after gargling with water.
Samples are brought daily for 3 consecutive days.

It is required to abstain from sexual intercourse for 4 consecutive days.
The sample should be brought to the laboratory within 20 minutes if the sample was brought from home​
It is preferable to give the sample in the laboratory, taking care to place all the sample, including the first points of sperm, in the container for that.

It is required not to have sexual intercourse for two days.
Not washing the vagina on the day of the analysis.
Abstain from the antibiotic for 48 hours.

Abstain from the antibiotic for 48 hours.
The sample is received in the laboratory container.
Do not accept samples in Pampers (diapers) or carton boxes.
The sample must arrive at the laboratory within two hours at most.

Abstain from sexual intercourse for 48 hours.
For 10 days before the analysis, the patient is prohibited from inserting an endoscope or catheter.

Collecting 24-hour urine as previously written.
Stop drinking tea, coffee, biscuits, vanilla, bananas, pineapples, tomatoes, and eggplant.

Take the medication for 5 days regularly.
It is required not to vomit or diarrhea for 48 hours before the analysis.
A sample is taken before the morning dose to calculate the percentage of the drug in the lowest (low) level.​
Another sample is taken after taking the drug 4 hours later to calculate the highest percentage of the drug in the blood (peak).

It is required to abstain from sexual intercourse for 4 days before the analysis.
It is preferable to abstain from antibiotics for 24 hours before taking the sample.
Withholding urine for an hour before the test, in order to take a urine sample before prostate massage and another urine sample after prostate massage.